How to Fix Safari [YouTube] Not Working | The Fixes For This Common Problem in 2022

How to Fix Safari [YouTube] Not Working

This is a complete guide How to Fix Safari YouTube Not Working. learn How to Fix Safari YouTube Not Working in this depth post

YouTube is one of the most popular websites on the internet, but for some reason it still doesn’t work with Safari. It might seem like a really small issue to have, considering there are plenty of other browsers or mobile apps that offer this feature. However, if you use Safari every day, it can be really frustrating not being able to access your favorite video site. Here are some fixes for this common problem.

Why is YouTube not working with Safari?

For starters, some people think that Safari isn’t supported by YouTube. This is not the case. According to Apple, all Safari users have the ability to use YouTube in their browsers. However, there are some cases where Safari simply won’t allow you to watch a YouTube video. It could be because the YouTube app on your device is trying to play videos through a browser, but Safari is blocking it.

It could also be a sign that your connection is too slow. How can you fix Safari YouTube not working? We’re sure you’re on the edge of your seat wondering how to fix YouTube not working with Safari. We’ve got you covered. If you’re on an iOS device, a quick solution to the problem is to just restart Safari.

How to enable YouTube in Safari on MacOS

If you want to enjoy all of YouTube’s features on your Mac, the easiest way to do this is to download Chrome. Apple devices can use Chrome but they can’t install it (Apple’s browser, iOS and watchOS are safe from this). If you’ve downloaded the full Chrome, add it to your computer. Click the Chrome icon in the Dock on the left-hand side of the screen, right-click it and select “Open with” from the menu.

You will be asked to grant access to the browser to your other apps and features. Click “Allow”, then click “OK” and wait for Chrome to install. YouTube works fine in Safari now, but it doesn’t work in Chrome.

How to enable YouTube in Safari on iOS

RELATED: How to Disable the YouTube Red App on Your iPhone or iPad There are actually two ways to fix this issue, depending on whether or not you have iOS 9 or later. First, if you have iOS 9 or later, you can make it so that it will actually open YouTube in Safari as soon as it begins loading on your device.

To do this, just go to Settings > Safari > YouTube > YouTube Videos. Then, simply uncheck the box that says Open in Safari. If you have iOS 8 or earlier, however, then you’ll want to tap on the videos and set them to open in Apple’s default browser — Safari. To do this, go to Settings > Safari > Chrome and set it to open in Safari.

How to fix YouTube not working after updating your browser

As we mentioned, if you have Safari, you have to remember that YouTube does not work with it. But, since there are so many other websites that do work with it, there are plenty of others that do work with other browsers. For the latest, most popular websites, be sure to choose Chrome or Firefox. If you use Windows, for example, just head over to the Microsoft Edge website to check.

And if you use Android, just visit the Google Play Store to find the YouTube app. So, the next best solution to this problem is the browser that Google typically promotes to customers the most. If you decide to stick with Safari, be sure to get all your YouTube videos hosted through the YouTube app, rather than your website. Otherwise, you may still have problems.

Alternative browsers for Youtube

It’s a little early for Google Chrome to offer YouTube uploads support. Chrome is the most popular internet browser on the internet, so it might not be too long before Google decides to roll it out. Google Chrome for Mac is actually pretty good. And if you can’t get your YouTube uploaded to Chrome, you can always install YouTube for Windows. However, if you’re on Mac OS X, Chrome is the only browser you’ll ever need.

Apple Safari If you have a Mac computer, you should be able to install Safari. The reason why YouTube works with Chrome and other browsers is because the YouTube website is hosted on a third-party website, but you can also use it in Safari. There are a few ways to enable YouTube in Safari.

Why is YouTube not working in Safari? How do I fix it?

YouTube is a part of Google. Safari is a part of Apple. The programming language of Android and iOS are different. Safari programming language is different from YouTube. So it is not working in Safari.


Why can’t I log in to YouTube from my laptop?

Make sure you connected to the Internet. If you are and you still can’t log in, it’s probably a problem with your Internet browser, so just download a different and try to log in from it. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.


What is the problem with YouTube videos?

An unstable or slow Internet connection can keep high-quality YouTube videos, such as live events, TV series, and flicks, from playing smoothly.

How do I play videos?

But again, your Internet speed should not be a big problem because you can always choose to watch videos at a lower quality.

How do I update Safari to the latest version?

To update Safari to the latest version, follow these steps: Go to the Mac App Store.

How do I fix Flash Player issue?

Now, if you suspect that there’s something wrong with Adobe Flash Player and that is why you are unable to watch YouTube videos, try reinstalling it.

How do I play YouTube videos in Safari?

These include the following: An updated Safari version The latest Adobe Player A stable, high-speed Internet connection If you fail to meet all these three requirements, there is a chance that you may be unable to open YouTube in Safari or encounter other related errors.

If you are having trouble watching YouTube videos, check if your Safari is up to date.

YouTube Not Opening on Mac in Safari Browser

YouTube is one of the most popular video sharing sites on the web. It has over 3 billion monthly active users and billions of videos watched every day. However, there are many people who are having issues accessing YouTube on their Mac computers. This article will show you how to fix the issue of YouTube not opening on Mac Safari browser.

Steps To Fix YouTube Not Opening On Mac Safari Browser

1. Open the Safari browser on your Mac computer.

2. Go to

3. Click on “Try HTML5 Player”.

YouTube Not Opening on Mac Safari Browser

1. Users should clear their cache and cookies.

2. Users should restart their computer.

3. Users should check if there is any update available for Safari browser.

4. Users should use another browser like Chrome or Firefox.

5. Users should try accessing the website again after some time.

Ways to Fix YouTube Videos Not Playing on MacBook Pro

1: Fix Your Internet Connection

2: Reinstall Adobe Player

3: Disable Plugins in Safar or the Browser You Are Using

4: Update Safari to the Latest Version

5: Repair Disk Permissions


Obviously this is a huge issue and Apple needs to address this. One thing to consider is that Apple’s own desktop operating system, macOS, can be problematic when it comes to video playback, so this might be a problem with Safari. Let us know in the comments below if you’ve experienced this problem, and if you know of any others.

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