How To Get Water Out Of Your Phone Speaker | The Best Way To Remove Water From Your Cell Phone in 2022

How To Get Water Out Of Your Phone Speaker

This is a complete guide How To Get Water Out Of Your Phone Speaker. learn How To Get Water Out Of Your Phone Speaker in this depth post

Cell phones are one of the most common electronic devices in today’s society. However, they also have a tendency to be ruined by water exposure. A new survey found that 33% of cell phone owners have dropped their phone into some liquid. Whether you just got caught in the rain or dropped your drinks on the floor, there are many ways to get your phone dry again.

Cell phones are made up of delicate circuits and rubber membranes, which can be easily damaged by water exposure. Here are some tips on getting your phone dry again.

Identify the type of phone you have

Looking at the face of your cell phone is one of the best ways to identify whether it’s a water-damaged phone. Look for signs of dirt or scratches on the glass or even along the back or sides. It’s also a good idea to check for signs of corrosion or wetness. If you see these signs, contact your cell phone service provider.

Sometimes, when a liquid is blocking air inside the phone, you may need to have it repaired. Get a dry cloth If you can’t figure out if your phone is experiencing water damage, all you need is a dry cloth. First, remove the phone from any plastic cases that might be wet. If you don’t have any protective covers on the phone, then you can dry it by placing it in the freezer for 10 to 15 minutes or in the dryer for about 10 minutes.

How to get water out of your phone speaker

This is perhaps the easiest way to get your phone dry again. Take your phone in between clean, lint-free paper towels and apply heat to the phone from both sides. (Use a charging cable or USB cord if you have to) Turn up the volume on your device and press and hold your phone while applying heat. This will gradually loosen the blockage and remove any liquid inside your phone speaker. [How To Get Water Out Of Your Phone Speaker]

If you haven’t opened your phone in a while, water could have entered through the speaker and other damaged parts of the phone. This is why it’s important to regularly clean your phone, get it washed, and clean it with a lint-free cloth to make sure water doesn’t get in. You can also try to use some damp paper towels to help remove any liquid that might have penetrated the speakers.

Get a bag of uncooked rice [How To Get Water Out Of Your Phone Speaker]

According to Mom Hacks, you can easily get rid of water from your phone by putting the rice in a Ziploc bag and sticking your phone in it. The rice absorbs the liquid, which then goes through the rice’s pores and out the other side. The rice also keeps the phone cool, which is helpful because phones are usually warm in the first place.

Rub a dryer sheet on your phone Gently use a dryer sheet to remove any remaining moisture from your phone. If you are unsure what a dryer sheet is, simply substitute the word “Dryer” in any of the following descriptions to see what you are actually looking for: Another quick way to get your phone dry again is by rubbing a dryer sheet over it.

Wait for 24 hours [How To Get Water Out Of Your Phone Speaker]

The first step is to give the phone some time to dry out. For example, if you drop your phone into a bowl of water, it may take up to 24 hours for the water to fully drain out of your phone. Drain the water out The easiest way to dry out a phone is to remove the phone’s internal battery. This is because the internal battery draws a lot of electricity, which also affects the water levels.

The other solution is to remove the outer housing of the phone to drain the liquid out of the phone. Start with a light misting of water If you don’t want to remove the battery, you can simply start with a light misting of water. For example, you can spray your phone once a day with a little bit of water. This process won’t ruin your phone or damage any electronic components.

Dry it with a blow dryer [How To Get Water Out Of Your Phone Speaker]

You can use a hairdryer or blow dryer to dry your phone. It should not be above 90 degrees Fahrenheit or close to your body when drying your phone. Avoid drying it while the phone is plugged in. If you can dry your phone quickly and efficiently, this method can be very effective. Use a heat gun For the higher end phones, you can use a heat gun to dry it. You should only use a heat gun for cell phone screens, not phone cases.

Use a caddy This method is perfect for cases where you cannot do any drying with a hairdryer or heat gun. A phone caddy is an inexpensive, durable, and easy-to-use device that helps protect your phone from water. Seal it with tape This is a great step for cases with water tight enclosures. It is important to use tape with enough absorbency to protect the case.

Use or buy a new rubber membrane [How To Get Water Out Of Your Phone Speaker]

Make sure your device has a rubber membrane around the speaker. This is the only part of the phone that can get wet. That said, keep in mind, not all phones have rubber. Some have a TPU membrane. TPU is a plastic, and it’s the same material used in flip-flops. So if you get water on your phone’s TPU, you won’t be able to get any of the water out. [How To Get Water Out Of Your Phone Speaker]

You will have to get a new TPU membrane. And if your phone has a glass backing, make sure you take out that TPU membrane too. It’s also important to note that not all water-resistant phones have rubber. If you are unsure about which ones, contact your phone carrier. Don’t drop your phone in water, but leave it in the shower Okay, okay, so you won’t actually leave your phone in the shower.

Buy a new rubber membrane

If you get your phone wet, it is recommended that you buy a new rubber membrane. Cotton, for example, will not provide adequate protection. The old rubber membrane was intended to keep the phone dry, but since the phone is now waterproof, it may be too tough for a new rubber membrane. A new rubber membrane is designed to allow water to pass through, while keeping your phone dry. This is often called a bio-keratin membrane.

This new membrane should still provide some waterproofing, and there will be the option to purchase a seal for the inner housing. This seal can prevent water from getting inside your phone, even if your phone is completely submerged. For more information on replacing a standard cell phone speaker with a waterproof phone speaker, check out our guide here.

DIY – clean and dry the membrane [How To Get Water Out Of Your Phone Speaker]

If you have a case on your phone, you can place the phone face down and wipe it down with a microfiber cloth. Try to get all the water out of the phone’s membrane. If it looks wet, but still has some water trapped inside it, it’s not fully dried out yet. If the phone still doesn’t look dry, put it in the oven and bake it for a while, perhaps for 5 minutes on 300F.

If the phone still doesn’t look dry, you should use a blow dryer to dry out the phone. (You may have to stop the blow dryer and let it cool off a bit, as this may damage the phone). Surprisingly, using a blow dryer to dry a phone is not a bad idea, even if you blow it dryer doesn’t have a blowing capability. Contrary to popular belief, blow driers aren’t bad for your phone at all.


Water damage can make a phone unusable, and that’s why it’s so important to avoid water exposure in the first place. You should make sure to keep your phones, tablets and laptops away from water whenever possible. Also, make sure to remove your phone’s battery. If your phone is wet and can’t turn on, it may have too much water inside. If your phone won’t turn on, you should get it to a professional so they can clean it, repair it or exchange it. You can also replace the case that protects your phone, but only if it is damaged or severely damaged.

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